Hello there!

I am happy you’ve stumbled upon my little project. Whether by happenstance or deliberately, you’re likely wondering what this blog is, how it will impact your life, and who I am. In one sentence (ironically, though I can edit most everything else in my life, shortening my written words has never been a strong suit) this blog has been created not to “influence” your life, rather to help in curating your best life through sharing my successes, failures and interviews from some inspiring friends. The subjects are those I truly am interested in building my life around (of course food (!), travel, fashion, design and fitness), mixed with what I call “attempted adulting” – opinions and experiences around daily life, personal finance, expat living and my journey to mindfulness.

I am no expert in any of these areas. I am definitely not an influencer – more an explorer and observer of life. To be specific, I’m a Chicago-born American in her late twenties currently in London. I have a day job designing and managing exhibitions that allows me to travel and work remotely. I have a small but mighty family, and a very tight-knit group of friends who never fail to tell me how it is! I grew up being taught to love art in all forms – theater, literature, fashion, paintings, architecture and music. Gatherings happened around the kitchen cooking and enjoying meals.

When I was a kid, every outing was an “adventure” no matter how minor, it is a mentality that has stuck with me to this day. Travel and new cultures were exciting learning opportunities. Experiences were valued over objects. Quality was always more important than quantity.

This mindset is the foundation I bring to this project. It is one of authentic interest in people, places, processes and things. It is a lens to how I curate my closet, my mind and body, and my life. I truly believe we must be ruthless editors to our own lives, we must be unapologetic yet compassionate to what we hold on to and what we choose to let go. I hope in sharing my personal edits, you are empowered to keep adding and subtracting to yours.

Welcome to The EMRA Edit.

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